Geared for success

Regardless of size, income, area of activity or background, there are some key characteristics that effective Registered Charities demonstrate:

Clear purpose and direction

Effective Registered Charities are clear about the characteristics and needs of their beneficiaries and their charitable purpose(s) and vision. They use this knowledge to guide decision making and activity.  All such information should be included in a charity’s formal rules document. 

Strong governance

Effective Registered Charities are run by a clearly identifiable group who make all the significant decisions for the charity. They have the right balance of skills and experience, and understand their own and their charity's responsibilities and obligations. This group is responsible for ensuring that the charity carries out its work to achieve its charitable purposes.

The right people for its activities

An effective charity ensures that its people have the right qualities and competence to manage and support the delivery of its services.

Sound and prudent

An effective charity clearly operates in line with its rules document and can identify the financial and other resources needed to achieve its purposes. It can obtain, control and manage those resources to achieve the best possible value from them.