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Jedi Society Incorporated

14 September 2015

The Charities Registration Board has decided that the Jedi Society Incorporated does not meet the law’s requirements to be registered as a charity that 'advances religion'.

Although charities law recognises a diverse range of religious beliefs as charitable, a belief system must be sufficiently structured, cogent and serious to qualify as a religion. The Jedi Society Incorporated did not demonstrate its belief system is organised or structured in a way that enables it to be registered as a charity.

The Board also considered whether Jediism might promote moral or spiritual improvement, which can also be a charitable purpose. This is consistent with how the Charities Commission of England and Wales has addressed new religions. The Board, however, considered where an organisation is not sufficiently structured to advance religion, it would also not be sufficient to promote moral or spiritual improvement.

The decision, explaining the Board’s reasoning, is available below.

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