Tier 4 Annual reporting guide, template, standard and guidance notes

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Annual Reporting Guide for Tier 4 Charities

This guide takes you through the steps required to report annually to Charities Services, including confirming your charity's tier, preparing your charity's Performance Report and filing the Annual Return. It is a practical step-by-step guide to be used in conjunction with the template (also included).

Click here to view and download the Tier 4 Annual Reporting Guide


Tier 4 Templates

The template conforms to the Standard and completing the template properly will achieve compliance with this Standard. The use of the template is optional.

The template comes in three different formats:

Excel template

The Excel template can be completed digitally and includes smart features, such as automatically calculating some numbers for you. A tutorial is available to help you use the Excel template. 

Download the template in Excel XLSX [XLSX, 331 KB]

PDF template

The PDF version is for those who would like a print a paper version that they can write on.

Download the template as a PDF [PDF, 414 KB]

Get adobe reader (external link)


The Standard

The Standard sets out the requirements for the preparation of a simple format report, called a Performance Report, for Tier 4 charities. It includes a glossary to assist with the understanding of the Standard.

Download the Standard [PDF, 517 KB]


Guidance notes

These guidance notes to the optional template are written in plain language to assist in the application of the Tier 4 Standard. The Standard is the definitive source of requirements. Throughout these guidance notes there are references back to the Standard. The use of the guidance notes is optional.

Download the guidance notes [PDF, 760 KB]