Just had an AGM? Don’t forget to update your charity’s details

Published 21 November 2022

[ 3 minutes to read] 


Many of you will find that, following your Annual General Meeting (AGM), you have to update your charity’s officer details. It is easy to update your officers, but you may want to consider updating a few other details(external link) while you’re there.

Any time you make a change, it’s a good idea to check your charity’s contact information is up to date as well. An email address, postal address, and even a website can be included on the public register, so making sure these are all still current is a great way to ensure people can contact you.

In addition to this public information, you should also make sure your primary and alternate contacts are still correct. If these contacts are out of date and you don’t know your log in details, you won’t be able to access your account. This usually means you will need to call or email us to change it for you.

Primary and alternative contacts are not publicly listed on the register, but as the main way for Charities Services to get in touch with you they are very important pieces of information.

Some people choose to have their accountants or lawyers as primary contacts, so they can handle logins and filing for the charity. Others choose to use a shared “info” email address, so multiple people can view the emails. Whoever you choose, don’t forget to consult with them first so you know they’re able to take on the responsibility.

Primary contacts will receive every piece of automated correspondence for your charity, including notifications, reminders to file, and even password reset requests. This is why it is essential to make sure your primary contact is up to date whenever your charity updates its details.

One last thing you will want to consider updating is your charity’s login information itself. Knowing your current username and password will make it easier to make any changes and updates, now and in the future.