Myth busting: who can register as a charity?

Published 18 June 2021

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When we’re out and about, we often hear myths about what charities can and can't do.

Our Myth busting series is a regular feature where we address some misconceptions and bust some myths about the obligations of charities. This month, we’re looking at who can register as a charity.

Myth – Charities Services is selective about the types of organisations that can be registered as charities.

Fact - any organisation can apply for registration and we, with delegation from the Charities Registration Board(external link), will approve the application if it meets the requirements of the Charities Act 2005.

These requirements are:

  1. Your organisation must have a charitable purpose(external link) that falls under one of these categories:
  1. Your rules(external link) document must set out your charity’s charitable purpose, the work you do and how you operate
  2. Your charity’s name(external link) must meet the requirements of the Act
  3. Your officers(external link) must be qualified under the Act.

When we receive an application, it gets assigned to an analyst who will assess it. If the application meets these requirements, then they can register the charity!

 If an application is missing essential information, we need further details, or we have questions about eligibility we will work with the organisation to help get their application approved where possible.

Click here for more information on the registration process(external link).

Got questions? Please get in touch!(external link) We want to bust more myths and make it easy to be a charity in Aotearoa.