Annual return checklist for smaller charities

Published 12 February 2020

Annual reporting to Charities Services only comes around once a year, six months after your financial due date. However, you should be recording the information you need to report on throughout the year. We know that completing an annual return and performance report can sometimes be tricky, particularly for smaller charities. We have many resources on our website to support you with your annual reporting, including our Tier 3(external link) and Tier 4(external link) annual reporting guides and our simplified reporting guide for Tier 4 charities(external link).

A consistent bit of feedback we have gotten from charities is that they want an easy list they can refer to when it comes to annual reporting. We have listened and created this one-page checklist intended to help Tier 4 charities know what information they need to be recording over the course of their financial year in order to complete their annual return and performance report.

Annual return checklist for Tier 4 charities [PDF, 51 KB]