Important change from 1 July 2014: Filing your Annual Return

5 June 2014

From 1 July 2014 an Annual Return will no longer be complete until payment is received. The easiest way to ensure a smooth process is to file online and pay online. This applies to all charities with a total gross income over $10,000.

Why are Annual Returns important?

Annual returns are important because they allow the public to access information about a charity’s activities and use of resources. The availability of this information means that charities are accountable and transparent, leading to greater public trust and confidence in the charitable sector.

What’s changing?

Currently when an annual return is filed we send you a tax invoice to notify you that a payment is due. From 1 July 2014, when an Annual Return is filed by your charity (whether online or paper-based) you will need to make payment to complete the process. A tax receipt will then be issued and there will be no further action required.

Do we have to file and pay online?

Charities Services is moving towards greater use of the internet to engage with charities because it is a quick and easy way to interact. We encourage you to file your annual return and pay online as it reduces administrative costs.

We understand that moving to greater use of the internet will be a change for some charities, so there are currently some other options available if you don’t want to file and pay online.

Other options

1. File your annual return online and pay by cheque. We will process your return once payment is received and matched to your return.

2. File a paper-based Annual Return and pay by cheque.  We will process your return once payment is received and can be matched to your return.

3. File a paper-based Annual Return and pay online.

Note: There is no payment required from charities when filing their Annual Return if their total gross income is under $10,000. 

Making payment

When making payment please include your charity’s registration number (CCXXXXX) and your reference ID to ensure your transaction is correctly matched.

Contact us

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