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Ready Set Go Workshops - Wellington Region

Charities Services, along with your local Community Operations funding advisors, are offering a practical three hour workshop for treasurers of Tier 3

Blog post - 18 October 2016

When can Tier 3 entities apply Tier 2 standards for certain transactions?

Blog post - 6 October 2016

Being political and charitable

Blog post - 30 September 2016

Cash Flow Statement – Mystery or Just Mathematics?

Blog post - 14 September 2016

Charity Reporting – The Bigger Picture

Blog post - 2 September 2016

Conflicts of interest and the consequences when they lead to private benefit

Blog post - 26 August 2016

Conflicts of Interest and Registering as a Charity

Blog post - 16 August 2016

Conflicts of Interest and Making Decisions

Blog post - 10 August 2016

What is a Statement of Service Performance (SSP)?

Blog post - 5 August 2016

Annual Reporting Timeline

News Alert - 7 July 2016

Read our News Alert that clarifies the details of the Charities Amendment Bill.

Blog post - 26 July 2016

To audit or not to audit – that is the question…

Blog post - 18 July 2016

Let’s Talk About Tech

Blog post - 11 July 2016

Categories in the Performance Report – What about Grants?

Blog post - 5 July 2016

Consolidation and Registering as a Group

Blog post - 28 June 2016

Tier 4 Microsoft Excel Template – Trouble Shooting

Blog post - 20 June 2016

The new reporting standards are here and yes, they do affect your charity!

New Charities Services Blog

Charities Services has launched a new blog. The blog will cover current topics of interest to charities.

Updated Annual Return now live

The Annual Return has now been updated to broadly align with the New Reporting Standards

Financial Markets Authority consultation

Should charities issuing debt securities be subject to standard Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (FMC Act) obligations?