Need to re-register?

In the past, deregistered charities who re-registered received a new charity registration (CC) number. This meant that the same charity would be treated as a new and separate entity and would be displayed more than once on the Charities Register.

Now, if a charity has been deregistered, re-registering is much easier. Deregistered charities simply need to log into their account using their CC number and password. Once logged in, the account will display an option to re-register. Although the re-registration application will have most of the charity's information pre-populated, this will need to be updated with any changes. Charities will also have to provide their rules, their activities and their primary contact details.

The re-registration application process will then follow the standard procedure, with Charities Services assessing the application. If accepted, the charity will be re-registered with the same CC number it had before.

Click here to re-register your charity(external link)