Example financial reports

On this page, you'll find Tier 1 and 2 example financial reports to help you prepare your own.

Comprehensive Care (Tier 1)

Comprehensive Care PHO provides and supports general health care services through its own team and a network of General Practices, for a wide section of local communities. More specifically, their health care programmes include supporting and educating people whose lives are impacted by chronic health conditions including diabetes, heart disease, mental health issues, and asthma.
Winner of the Tier 1 category of the inaugural Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand charity reporting awards, Comprehensive Care PHO has done an excellent job in preparing their annual report for the year ended 30 June 2017. In particular, their report is well designed, providing a clear picture of what they have done throughout the year. This is reflected both in the financial and non-financial information reported, as well as in the images used.
View the Comprehensive Care annual report [PDF, 1.1 MB]

Barnardos New Zealand Incorporated (Tier 1)

Barnardos works with children, families and whānau in need. They provide a combination of social services and early childhood education to ensure that kiwis have what they need to grow up healthy, safe and happy. Barnardos was awarded Highly Commended in the Tier 1 category of the 2020 Annual Reporting awards.

View the Barnardos annual report.(external link)

The Royal New Zealand Ballet (Tier 2)

The Royal New Zealand Ballet does exactly what it says on the tin, preserving ballet as an art and educating the public of its merits by providing high quality performances. The ballet performs both nationally and around the world.
Winner of the Tier 2 category of the inaugural Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand charity reporting awards, their Financial Statements demonstrate that you don’t need to be the largest charity to provide a professional looking report. They provide an unbiased assessment of their service performance including both positive and negative variances from their forecasts. Key information has been creatively displayed in a format that is easy to understand for the reader.
View the Royal New Zealand Ballet annual report [PDF, 8.2 MB]

Paralympics New Zealand (Tier 2)

Paralympics New Zealand is a Tier 2 organisation dedicated to supporting disabled people to participate in sports at regional, national, and international levels. We liked the way they included a summary financial report that directs readers to the key elements of their financial statements, as well as providing other useful information for the reader. We also liked the clear and thorough reporting of 'value in kind' transactions.
View the Paralympics New Zealand financial report [PDF, 6.5 MB]

Malaghan Institute (Tier 2)

Malaghan Institute is a Tier 2 charity which uses contestable grants and donations to conduct research into the nature , origins and causes of disease. They currently have key focuses on cancer, asthma and allergies, and nutrition. This is a great example of disclosure of the impact of the transition to the new reporting standards which clearly illustrates the quantitative adjustments made to the financial statements.
View the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research financial report [PDF, 676 KB]

Hugo Charitable Trust (Tier 2) 

Hugo Charitable Trust is a newly formed Tier 2 charity and was the first Tier 2 charity to file their financial statements with Charities services for the 2018 financial year. As a Tier 2 charity, they are currently not required to file non-financial service performance reporting information, however the Trust has put a lot of effort into explaining their achievements throughout their first year. This is a good example for Tier 1 and 2 charities who will be required to include service performance information for accounting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2021. 
View the Hugo Charitable Trust annual report(external link)

The Fred Hollows Foundation (Tier 2)

The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ works to end avoidable blindness in the Pacific. They work to restore sight to the needlessly blind through the provision of sight-saving surgeries and treatments, and by training local eye health specialists to deliver eye care services in their own communities. Fred Hollows was the Tier 2 winner of the 2020 Annual Reporting awards.

View the Fred Hollows Foundation annual report(external link)