Tier 3 reporting webinars

Here you will find a number of different webinars to support you in completing both your performance report and annual return.

Tier 3 – Tour of the performance report

In this webinar we explain: What a performance report is, how it fits in with your charity's annual return, what you need to complete one and how it can help your registered charity.

Annual reporting – An overview for Tier 3 and 4 charities

This webinar covers: What are the annual reporting obligations for registered charities, the different components of annual reporting and resources available to help you prepare to report.

Minimum categories in the performance report

In this webinar we cover: What the minimum categories are and the rationale for each category, how to determine which category to record items under and guidance on breaking down and renaming the minimum categories.

Good practice in grant management and reporting

This webinar talks about some of the more common conditions related to grants, and practices you can implement to meet them. The webinar covers some basic practices for governance and financial reporting and explains some controls you can put in place to help ensure that your charity stays financially healthy and keeps meeting its funders’ requirements.

Statement of Cash Flows for Tier 1, 2 and 3 charities

This webinar covers: What a Statement of Cash Flows is and how it differs from other financial statements and give an easy method of calculating your cash flows without having to sort through your bank statements.

Statement of Service Performance

This webinar covers: How to make the Statement of Service Performance work for your charity, what outputs and outcomes are and how you can use the Statement of Service Performance to celebrate your charity's successes.

Tier 3 Getting Started videos 

This series of four videos is based on workshops that were run early 2015 throughout New Zealand, to help registered charities understand how to apply the reporting requirements. The workshops were supported by the External Reporting Board (XRB).

The workshop focuses on the information that charities need to collect so they can report using reporting standards at the end of their financial year.

There is a resource booklet designed to accompany the workshop. We recommend that you use the booklet while you watch these videos. You can download the video by clicking the following link, or email info@charities.govt.nz to request a copy.

Download the booklet [PDF, 1 MB]


Tier 3: Get started (Part One) 

Tier 3: Get started (Part Two) 

Tier 3: Get started (Part Three)

Tier 3: Get started (Part Four)