Annual returns

Updated 22 April 2024

Note: New Annual Returns forms are now available for Tier 1-4 charities. These can be used by charities who choose to early adopt the new Tier 3 or 4 XRB new reporting standards (which become mandatory for reporting periods beginning on or after 1 April 2024) and Tier 1 and 2 charities who wish to use the new forms. For more information head to the New Forms Hub.

If you become registered, you will need to file an annual return.

You will be required to report annually by completing an annual return and providing non financial and financial information through a performance report/financial statements that comply with the reporting standards. A fee may apply for submitting your annual return.

Charities Services publishes some of this information on the Charities Register as part of our commitment to promoting public trust and confidence, and in accordance with the requirements of the Charities Act 2005.

Annual returns must be filed within six months of your balance date. Failure to file an annual return is one of the main reasons that registered charities are deregistered.

To find out more about annual returns once you become registered, click here.