2023 Charities Services Annual Meeting

On 14 November 2023, we held our online annual meeting with representatives of charities from all over the country. The agenda included addresses from key speakers, a Q&A, and information sessions on sector-chosen topics.

Gwen Keel, Chair of Te Rātā Atawhai, the independent Charities Registration Board, spoke of the Board’s role and decision-making process, highlighting the work being done in response to the changes arising from the Charities Amendment Bill. This includes expanding Board membership and providing charities with the opportunity to speak with the Board during its decision-making process.

Maria Robertson, Deputy Chief Executive of the Department of Internal Affairs, discussed our priorities to deliver statutory, regulatory and service excellence every day. This includes providing equity of access to public services and ensuring our services are responsive to whānau, hapū, iwi, Māori charities and communities.

Charlotte Stanley, General Manager of Charities Services, concluded the speeches by acknowledging sector achievements and Charities Services’ work to fulfil our regulatory responsibilities. She outlined our work for the coming year, which includes a review of our regulatory strategy and our plans to hold more in-person events with charities.

After an informative Q&A session with the attendees, Charities Services and Hāpai Hapori, Community Operations, delivered information sessions on the topics: ‘Governance and the Charities Act’, ‘Annual Reporting to Charities Services’ and ‘Funding’.  


Resource sheet [PDF, 701 KB]

Video recordings of the speeches


Address from 
Gwen Keel, Chair of Te Rātā Atawhai, the Charities Registration Board

Address from Maria Robertson, Deputy Chief Executive of Kāwai ki te Iwi, Service, Delivery and Operations

from Charlotte Stanley, General Manager of Ngā Ratonga Kaupapa Atawhai, Charities Services

Q&A session

Information Session - Governance and changes to the Act

Information Session - Annual Reporting to Charities Services

Information Session - Funding